Last Match

by Quiet Down

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released March 28, 2016

Evan Flath - bass, recording
Frank Grecco - guitar, art
Jesse Ministero - drums
Ezra Selove - guitar, singing

words by Ezra Selove, music by Ezra and the rest of the band
recorded and mixed by Evan



all rights reserved


Quiet Down New York


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Track Name: Last Match
You never want to be the last match
if you can avoid it
and you can avoid it

You never want to be the last breath
if you can hold it
and you can hold it

This time you'll be the first one inside
You'll have the whole night
This time you'll be the last one outside
You'll have the whole night

Written on a match book from The Night Light:
"You'll come back", I meant it at the time
The ink all smeared, it always rains there
Should have just combusted there above Clinton St.
Or disappeared years before in DC
For all I was making of my life
It was wasted on me

The change you never got
I'm amazed you never fought
For everything you want, for everything you're not

Had you the patience
You had the time
You need a way out
Make up your mind
Track Name: Sterling
You are a bastard
Let me count the ways
You are
You're disregard
A callous weather-vane
You are
You're a mother's loss
A motel sheet stain
You are a bastard
That's never gonna change

Whatever comes your way it won't stay
Track Name: Mr. Boddy's Body
The ghost in your home won't leave
Until you're lying in bed screaming
The ghost in your home won't leave you alone
So you're drawing in breath your S.O.S
on the windowpane

But nobody showed
And no body reflected

You'd describe it later as a fugue state
From the living room to somewhere unrecognized
Black & white punctuated by the brightest lights
And you were scared, so scared

Of the ghost in your home
Says he was here first
So don't make plans