by Quiet Down

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This is the first of two EPs recorded by the band throughout 2015 at our rehearsal space in Brooklyn.


released November 9, 2015

Music and lyrics by Quiet Down. Recorded & Mixed by Evan Flath.



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Quiet Down New York


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Track Name: Deep Cut
We were the worst closing band yet
In this corner of Brooklyn
Promised I'd never play there again
But that's an easy vow to forget

Everyone here sings along to the wrong songs

You had the coldest laugh yet
In this corner of Brooklyn
And you don't know
And you don't care
Who's in earshot when you vent

You don't know and you don't care
I wish I could compare
Track Name: Bellyache
When I saw it, your look gave it all away
Teeth white and clenched for camera three
In the middle of laughing at someone off frame
It's a routine you used on me

Believing in all those romantic moments
You'll be let down overtime
So I believe something, something is waiting
Black boots and organized

She knew my habits and still had nice things to say
But 'You and I' there never was a 'we'
A detail she was sure to stress
I wasn't smart enough to see through the flash

You've landed in places reserved for creeps
I wonder if and how that reflects on me
Track Name: One One Thousand
Every dead night light
Burned out as a failure
Each little star
Deserted me in my sleep
Their ten watt glow
Shaded sky blue and ash green
And the light from those tiny plastic stars
Faded before it even reached my knees

Thought counting my blessings would help me sleep
Curiously, my insomnia thought differently
It was gorged and growing on my retreats
Better to accept defeat
Than wait around
Lay there till morning