Keith Richards / Overwhelming

by Quiet Down

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released January 1, 2015

Recorded by Julian Fader and Carlos Hernandez of Gravesend Recordings at the Silent Barn

"Keith Richards" mixed by Carlos and Julian
"Overwhelming" mixed by Evan

Ezra Selove: Vocals/Guitar
Frank Grecco: Guitar
Evan Flath: Bass/Vocals
Jesse Ministero: Drums



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Quiet Down New York


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Track Name: Keith Richards
Running out
Of the restraint
That's kept my colors dulled
And my teeth away
For every pattern we have
We'll fulfill again
There's no escape
From the rhythms we make
And it wears on me
It's worn the fun away

I need something
Something special
To keep me happy

I've reached the handcuffs
Now let's find the linchpin
There's no prison I know worse than regret
How about you and me
We go somewhere different
With ocean too cold too venture in
I hear some banging
The door's off it's hinges
The rest of the country wants to get in
I say let them have it, I'm fresh out of effort
I need a new start where I don't exist
Track Name: Overwhelming
I'm having thoughts right now
and they're overwhelming
Everything and everyone
Yeah, it's overwhelming
i just need a minute here
Cause it's overwhelming

I need a moment now
Cause it’s overwhelming
Everything and everyone
Yeah, they’re overwhelming
I just need a minute here
Cause it's overwhelming
it’s overwhelming

Safety and calm
Nothing is wrong
But always on guard